Celtic Zodiac Spirit Animal Messages

May 2019

Cat (Jan 21st– Feb 17th)

It is time to have patience, on what is the next move for you on your life path. You can be an independent person soul whom never asks for advice, but this is the time to seek advice around a situation, person etc., take the advice on, have patience do not act, as all will be revealed soon. The lesson in this is to have patience and stop think before you act.

 Snake (Feb 18th– Mar 17th

It is time to heal the old wounds that you are holding on to most of your life. Look within my Dear, be honest with yourself as you do, there is conditioning and old patterns that you keep replaying in your life. Go within with me I will help you heal and shed what no longer serves you knowing and unknowingly that is holding you back from a joyous life.

 Fox (Mar 18th– April 14th)

It is time to take action in your life; there may be a situation that requires swift action and adaptability. There will be a bit of resistance from yourself about this action. The safest move is the move forward as this will allow you to get out of this tricky situation. Swift action is the keys to this.

 Cow (April 15th– May 12th)

As the energy’s of the moon and solar eclipses have been so high and have affected you in so many ways, it is time to take some much need time out for yourself to nourish your mind, body and soul. As you do this you will feel a sense of calm and feeling of oneness. This energy’s are getting you ready for the next phase of your soul journey.

    Seahorse (May 13th-June 9th)

It is time to look at alternate ways to overcome a situation in your life at this present moment and when you take that step back look, you will see a solution to this situation, also there is a need to help others out, as you have the ability to see this in a different light that can help others, you just need to keep yourself grounded and out of your head for your intuition to flow.

 Wren (June10th-July 7th)

 It is time to take action on what you truly want in life. Listen to your inner guidance and see what step you should be tacking at this time. There is also a need to take a leap of faith as there is an opportunity waiting for you, if you do not take this leap of faith this opportunity will pass you by, so leap and have faith all will be well. Believe and Trust.

 Horse (July 8th -Aug 4th)

You seem to be finding it hard at the moment to express your feeling and the emotions are been bottled up inside you. Your emotions feel like a pressure cooker about to explode up in side you. You must sit down and let your feeling be known in a gentle way before they explode in the wrong way. This emotional upset is not doing any good release them so you can move forward. 

 Salmon (Aug 5th –Sept 1st)

You have a lot of determination and drive within you, you should use this in your career and this will bring forth the dream job, promotion or the change you want to bring in to your career. You are a force to be wrecked with when you bring these qualities out in you, listen to your inner guidance when and where to take the step forward. 

 Swan (Sept 2nd – Sept 29th)

It is time to awakening the wisdom and power within. All you have been seeking is inside of you, you just need to look and see the beauty within. You have the power to unleash the wisdom call on the swan to guide you to this. Believe and trust in this process as the wisdom and power unfolding will bring your wildest dream alive.

 Butterfly (Sept 30th – Oct 27th)

You need to let your inner child out; there is a need to work on your inner child. You have let life get a bit too serious and have forgotten to have fun. Go do some silly child like fun today and see how it can change your days for the better, bring in this fun on a daily basic and see the changes that happen in your life when you bring fun, joy, laughter into it. Enjoy life to the full.

 Wolf (Oct 28th – Nov 24th)

May be you are feeling a bit vulnerable at this time in your life, the wolf is asking you to look at what or who is making you feel like this. How much influence that this has over you. Perhaps it is time to take control back and put in personal boundaries in place, only you can take back the control you have given, call on the wolf for protection as you do this.

  Hawk (25th Nov- Dec 23rd)

Your Spirit Connection is very strong at this time and your spiritual awareness is heightened. Be aware of the messages and guidance that you are receiving from spirit as these messages are words of wisdom to lead you along your spiritual path. You must follow the guidance the you receive as there are new doors being opened for you

 Stag (Dec 24th – Jan 20th)

You have ambitious goals but you seem to be stuck at this moment and are finding it hard to move forward. You are going to a time of leaning and need to acknowledge the lesson before you can move forward. Stop feel in to why you can’t seem to move forward, listen to the answer acknowledge the lesson and start moving forward there is always a lesson when we get stuck, the key is to learn from them and move forward.

Much love and Animal Blessings

Sharon xxxxx

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