Celtic Zodiac Spirit Animal Messages for June 2019 By Sharon Brown

Cat (Jan 21st– Feb 17th)

Its time to sit back, relax and rejuvenate at this time, as you are going through a transformation. You may be feeling tried, upset and overwhelmed at this time. its OK for you to feel like this, acknowledge how you feel and let it go. Bring in fun, joy and laughter in to your life and this will soon pass. Remember to take the time out that you need this is most important.

Snake (Feb 18th– Mar 17th)

Unwind, unravel your inner beauty, its time for you unleash your true self to the world. Stop hiding your gifts from the world, stop worrying on what others may think, you are so caught up on the opinion of others that you are blocking the true you from emerging, what others think or say about you is none of your business, concentrate on you and you alone and unless the true you to world to see.

Fox (Mar 18th– April 14th)

Stop looking behind in the past, you are so caught up in the past that you can’t seem to concentrate on your future. It is time to heal this past situation and move forward once and for all, if you don’t let this go and heal it, this pattern is going to show up over and over, sit write out what is holding you back and let it go also do some healing work around it, go for a healing or do a meditation with the inattention of let it go once and for all.

Cow (April 15th– May 12th)

What you want wants you, this is a time to really get clear on what you want out of life. Dream big as your dream are about to come true, you must be exact on what you want and be very clear on what you are asking the universe for as your wishes are about to come true. Hold on as life is about to get so much better and big changes are at foot. Wishes been fulfilled and destiny awaits you.

(May 13th– June 9th)

Life seem to have got very hard for you, stop looking at what is wrong and start been grateful for all you have, you are so caught up in the negative thought pattern and you can’t seem to get yourself out of this. this is a pattern that keeps accruing in your life every so often, you just seem to get so caught up in it, its time to look at the triggers that set this off, when we are aware of the triggers we can change then before we get caught in the pattern again. So this is a time of change for you letting go of the triggers and pattern that are holding you back.

Wren (June 10th-July 7th)

It’s time to take flight, spread your wings, let the world see your light. there is an increase in your spiritual awareness at this time, you will fell, scene and see more spirit and guides. listen very careful to the guidance and messages that you are receiving at this time as they are given you the steps to move forward in life. this step have to be followed, as you are going to the next level of your journey. Trust and belief in yourself are very important at this time, so stop second guessing yourself believe in you.

Horse (July 8th -Aug 4th)

Slow and steady wins the race, its like time will stand still for you and you may feel like you are stuck, you are not as this is a time of resetting your life, a great time of reflection on what you truly want in life. A lot of changes ahead for you. A time of taking stock and making the necessary change that you want. it will take time for all the changes to come in but that OK things will start moving once you are clear on what direction you truly want to take.

Salmon (Aug 5th –Sept 1st)

Rebirth, new begging and reproduction. This is a time of great inner knowledge as you do the inner work, you will unleash the new you and new ideas. Your mind will be on over drive with new ideas in all ares of your life, this will be a great time for you to start something new, it is very important that you have a paper and pen handy at all times as this inner wisdom will come very quick and fast. Some of you will write new programmes for your business or even a book so have your pen and paper at the ready.

Swan (Sept 2nd – Sept 29th)

Why always busy, looking after everyone else, putting your self last. Their is a need to take a look at how you are putting everyone else need before your own, their is a need to balance this area in your life . Ask your self the question why are you doing this and be honest with yourself, what are you not looking at in your life that is causing you to do this, their is a need for self care, if you don’t address this you will be come ill and not able to look after anyone, its time to take time out for you.

Butterfly (Sept 30th – Oct 27th)

This is a time fir you to do inner work, there is a lot going on for you at this moment in time, there is a lot of negative patterns been showing to you. you need to look at the patterns and remove them, they only way to do this is by doing the inner work on yourself, as you do this work you will be come a lot clearer on what you truly want in life, your vision may change but that is OK as this will be bigger and brighter then you could ever imagine. Its time to shine as bright as a star.

Wolf (Oct 28th – Nov 24th)

Why are you not specking your truth, why are you holding yourself back. are you feeling that what you have to say, nobody wants to hear, that is very untrue, what you have to say is very important, that world need you to full speak your truth. Spirit have a very clear message that they are relaying to you, you are not doing yourself or spirit justice. If you speak your truth, step out of your comfort zone, all will be well, your words speak the truth of spirit and they must be spoken.

Hawk (25th Nov- Dec 23rd)

Its time to take your role as the leader you are, you have great vision and insight. You have come here on this earth at this time to be a leader. You are on the right path in life you just need to believe in yourself that little bit more, there are a lot of souls awaiting your help. You will do this through your soul purpose. Stop pushing, wondering how and when it is going to happen just let it flow to you with ease and grace. Be very mindful of the dreams that are coming in at this time as they are messages and guidance from us.

Stag (Dec 24th – Jan 20th)

I am the walker between the two worlds, you have the ability to do this yourself, stop blocking this gift from coming in, you need to get out of your own way. You are letting your ego take over, your gifts are true to you. You must let us guide you are you go through the transformation, the information the you are receiving is from us, so stop doubting yourself and relax and let the guidance and message come in, there is nothing to fear, we come with love.

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