Spirit Animal Guide fro August The Lion

This animal for this month is the lion, as you are aware this is a huge month energy wise, we have the lions gate portal open, on the 8/8 the energy is very high as the portal goes direct to The plant Sirius and aligns with the pyramids in Egypt and releases light codes of ascension, mastery. The Lions Gateway energy is all about fully awakening your Divine Light and embodying Divinity within a physical form.

Message from the Lion;

i am coming forward for yiu this month to givve you the courage and strenght to make the nessary strps forward. what worked for you yeastergay/last week will not work for you now, stop trying to make it fit. We are in a new age of living, thier are alot of change going on right now, mother eath is viberatieing on the energy of awakening, thi energy is affecting eveyone.

Those who are only awakening need the help of those who are awake, so you are been asked to step up on your journey, you cant stay on the same vibration, so it your time to move forward. Some of you may fell you are stuck, but you are not these are the old stories and conditioning that are holding you back.

its time to do the inner work, i am here to help you have the courage to look at the block. stories, Conditioning that you are allowing hold you back, Yes it time to step up or step out, give your self the permission to step forward and get of the hamster wheel and live the life of your dreams. Call on me for strength and courage

Love Albert {Lion}🦁

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