September’s Spirit Animal Guide the Peacock

Channeled Message and Meditation

Wow what amazing month for you all. The energy has changed so much over the past few months; we are in the energy of reawakening your true magic. You have build your foundations, now is time to build upon them.

 I have come in to help your reawakening your true magical gifts , your intuition will be heightened at this time, your senses will be so alive, you will need to keep yourself grounded and out of your head, let your heart rule the way. As you reawaken you will see things very different and old Karmic patterns and habits will present them to you to release.

Try not over think what is going on as this is a time of great change for you, self doubt will creep in, that’s ok, ground and re-centre in to your heart. You are been lead by us your guides towards our true souls path, you need to trust that we are leading you in the right direction, as this way not be the direction you thought you were going in. The most important thing for you at this time is to have the belief and trust in you, as you are more powerful and magical then you think. Let the magic unfold.

Much Love Sassy the Peacock  xxxx

link for meditation

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