Guidance from Spirit Animal Guide For November The Elephant

Dear Child I am here to help you remove the obstacles that are in your life. You can Clear them from your life once and for all, if you put the energy that you are putting into them into loving yourself. You need to ask yourself “WHY” do i not love myself the way I love others?.

Only you can answer that question. Call on me, I will help you see this situation/ obstacle in a different way. When you take a step back and look at the problem in a different way the answer appears , as if by MAGIC. The answer is always there , it comes down to the way you view it.

You may need to walk away from a person, place or situation that is holding you in negative energy, THAT IS OK, you have the strength to do this and by doing this you are given your self the freedom to love yourself first.

When you put the time and energy into loving ourselves, the situation /obstacles will change and you will overcome this. Do my child call on me and we can do this together with the rest of your divine team, so you can live your life from a place of freedom and love.

love Nel The Elephant ❤🐘❤

Link to Meditation Below 👇

If you are finding it hard to let go and surrender, then I can help you, book a free self empowerment call today and unleash your true unique self link below 👇

Have a Magical Day

Love and Blessings Sharon and Nel xxxx

Copyright@ livinguniquelyuwithsharonbrown

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