Spirit Animal Guide For February The Rat🐭

It is time to shine and take your rightful place in this world. I am bringing you new opportunity that will lead you to your Souls purpose, it may not at first look like yours soul’s purpose, but hang on in there as it will bring you to your soul’s purpose. It will open you up to huge opportunities and your dream been fulfilled. 

Don’t Haste when this opportunity presents its self as you will only get one chance at this, so take that leap of faith, and allow it all to unfold. You are ready for the next stage of journey.  Yes it has not been easy, you have come through all the challenges life has thrown at you, leave the past where it should be left in the past, focus on the here and now.

Dream can come true, you must take the necessary steps forward, believe and trust yourself, leave the self doubt behind you as it no longer has a place in your life. Call on me for strength and motivation when you need to as I will be with you every step of the way to help and guide you to through the next stage of you Journey.

Blessing the John The Rat

Channeled by Sharon Brown 31/01/2020

Channelled message and meditation to bring the energy of abundance🌈

Are to ready to take the next step🚶‍♀️ on your souls path, if so book a self empowerment call today and unleash your true unique self link below 👇🙏❤🌈


Much Love Sharon xxxx

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