Spirit Animal for 2022 the Butterfly

Spirit Animal for 2022 the Butterfly

Dear Ones,

You have come through a turbulent year (2021), you have witness many things on this earth of lower density energy (3D). this is the year of change. You have been in a Chrysis doing the inner work allowing yourself to let and surrender all that no longer servers you. Now is the time for your transformation into that unique divine soul that you are.

There are many ancient divine gifts that are with in you, these will be unearthed through out the coming year (2022), yes this is the year of change. No more holding yourself back, you must trust and believe in the information you are receiving and take the necessary action. Now is your time to fly and fly high, allowing yourself to go to new heights, to be seen for who you really are, taking  your rightful place in this world. Allow, Allow it will all unfold in time, in this year of change.

Embrace, allow and it will unfold.

Channelled BY Sharon Brown 04/01/2022

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