The Animal Guide for 2023 is the Owl

Dear Ones,

It is time for you to allow your innate wisdom out. You are more powerful than you think, you hold deep wisdom within. You are holding this wisdom under lock and key. 

This is the year for you to allow the locks, constraints to be unlocked from within. You have so much to share and the world is waiting for you, to share your divine ancient wisdom. 

As we enter this new 18 year cycle, there is no more holding yourself back, with self thought of unworthiness, self doubt and the rest of the Bull Shit you are telling yourself. 

You are ready to see who you truly are, YOU ARE READY, allow yourself to expand from the inside out. You hold the keys within you to unlock your own wisdom. We all do. Allow, Trust and have faith in yourself.

Love Sharon and Owl 

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