Spirit Animal for 2020 The Phionex

All you have been searching for is within you, you are the only one that can release and set your self free.

You have let self doubt , self sabotage and unworthiness ruler your life for long enough. Let go, surrender all the negative thoughts that are holding you back.❤

You have everything you need inside of you, let your intuition guide you and take the necessary steps forward, for your true uniqueness shine.✨

Always be true to yourself, follow the guidance, it will lead you to the magic of life.🌈It is time to rise and take your rightful place in this world and allow your light to shine bright✨



Link for meditation below👇❤ Enjoy xxx

Much love and blessing Sharon xxx

The Energy is changing are you ready to step in to it ???

Can you feel the change in the energy?

Have to let go all the old patterns?

Are you ready to step in to the new energy of Infinite possibility ?

We can all get caught up in the negative patterns in our life, yes it so easy for this to happen. We get so focused on what is wrong that we forget what we should be grateful for and we attracted more of what we don’t want, its time to leave that all behind in 2019 and step into the new energy of infinite possibility. I have attached a meditation to release, let go and surrender Link Below👇

New For 2020

I have been guided to set up a Portal activation group, it is to help you harness the vibration of the portals for the coming year. The portals for 2020 are very powerful and they are to help you stay in alignment of oneness.

✨ Each month on the portal day, I will bring through the vibration, I will have a light code for each portal and a message to help you bring through what is need for you stay in full alignment and oneness.

It is so easy for us to get knocked out alignment with everyday life, sometimes we don’t even realize how unbalanced and out of alignment we are, this group will hep you stay in your oneness and allow the magic unfold within you.

✨ Each month there will be a live on the day and time of the portal,we will be also setting our intention through out the month, are you ready to live a life of oneness is so join me in this Portal activation group.

I am offering this to you at the price €13.33 per month ( no minimum commitment for anyone).

To sign up, link below👇💖


Have a magical day

Love and blessing Sharon xxx

1212 Portal Activation

I have been guided to share this with you, as the energy’s where off the wall, i have received so much feedback from this activation and how it has help to bring and keep you in alignment, what a magical experience it was.

In this 1212 portal activation of oneness, you will be full realignment to your true self, with light language 🌟🙏❤

Link Below👇

If you are feel drawn to work with me on 121 basis, book a self empowerment call today link 👇


Love and Blessing Sharon

The Stag: Spirit Animal Guide for the month of December.

I have come into remind you that this is the month of change. YES CHANGE. The energy is changing, it will continue to change over the month and bring in ease and grace.

You have come through a very harsh period in your life, this is all about to change and new beginnings are on the horizon. You must believe in your self and follow the guidance you are receiving and allow the changes to happen.

Yes all is changing, count all changes as a blessing no matter how big or small and be grateful for all you have in your life. The New Year brings ease and grace, so hold on, believe in you, take the necessary steps forward and count your blessing.

Much Love and blessing Sharon and Stag

Link for meditation below ;

Guidance from Spirit Animal Guide For November The Elephant

Dear Child I am here to help you remove the obstacles that are in your life. You can Clear them from your life once and for all, if you put the energy that you are putting into them into loving yourself. You need to ask yourself “WHY” do i not love myself the way I love others?.

Only you can answer that question. Call on me, I will help you see this situation/ obstacle in a different way. When you take a step back and look at the problem in a different way the answer appears , as if by MAGIC. The answer is always there , it comes down to the way you view it.

You may need to walk away from a person, place or situation that is holding you in negative energy, THAT IS OK, you have the strength to do this and by doing this you are given your self the freedom to love yourself first.

When you put the time and energy into loving ourselves, the situation /obstacles will change and you will overcome this. Do my child call on me and we can do this together with the rest of your divine team, so you can live your life from a place of freedom and love.

love Nel The Elephant ❤🐘❤

Link to Meditation Below 👇

If you are finding it hard to let go and surrender, then I can help you, book a free self empowerment call today and unleash your true unique self link below 👇


Have a Magical Day

Love and Blessings Sharon and Nel xxxx

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