Chakra Clearing using Spirit Animal Wisdom

  • Are you looking for something better in your life?
  • Do you feel stuck and want to bring more fulfillment into your life?
  • Do you need direction?

Are you Ready to Connect with your Spirit Animal Guide and Discover your Life Purpose, Change your Life and Make a Difference in the World?

My name is Sharon Brown and I am an Animal Spirit Intuitive. In 2016 I attended a Spiritual retreat to open up my gift of healing more. I was feeling very unsure as to how this was going to happen as I felt I was a “only” a healer using Reiki and Sechiem but knowing that this was something that I really wanted to explore as I felt I had so much more to give to people. My mentor was helping us all to tune into our unique gifts when she looked me straight in the eye and said “What animal do you see and what message does it have for me?” Suddenly much to my surprise she transformed into a butterfly and I was able to give her a message that I would never have been able to do previously with all my other gifts and blew myself away! 

Since then it’s been an amazing journey of healing and gifts with the Spirit Animals. I have learned over the last number of years how to connect with them and utilize them on a daily basis for guidance and knowledge and I became a Shamanic Healer because they guided me to!! I use all Spirit Animal Guides rather than my own Spirit Animal Guide as they allow me to work with them and they all have individual wisdom and knowledge to share with me. They have transformed my life immensely. It began with giving people Animal Guidance Messages but now it has developed so much further.  The Spirit Animal Kingdom have told me that I am their voice and they have a lot of messages to give and they need to be heard. They have given me this task of bringing them forward to be heard.

The Spirit Animals and I have created a transformational 9 week course. Each week we will be opening, clearing and cleansing a chakra, starting with the Earth Star Chakra and moving right up to the Soul Star Chakra. With the help of a different animal each week, you will learn how to connect with this animal guide, how this animal guide can help you on a daily basis and receive guidance from them.

So are you ready:

  • To find you again?
  • To experience the powerful, healing and loving energy of the Spirit Animals?
  • To make huge shifts and leaps?
  •  To start on your path to transforming every area of your life?
  • To discover your life purpose, release blocks, doubts and fears to make it happen in your life!

This programme will be run through its own private Facebook group and you will have life long access to the content of this programme.

Cost of this Progamme € 397.00

Full Payment


3 Monthly payments


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Regina Redmond This was beautiful Sharon its been an amazing 9 weeks and I enjoyed it so much and it has given direction in my life .Lots of Love Sharon and thanks again 💖💖

Much love and animal blessings

Sharon Brown xxx