Galactic Soul Blueprint Activation

Did you know that you have:

  • Your own unique Galactic Soul Blueprint?
  •  A unique purpose and calling to fulfil on this earth plane at this time?
  • Come back to this earth with a mission in life (Soul’s Blueprint) that you agreed to before you were born and have forgotten?

Have you been sensing that there is more to you than the conditioned role and expectations that you have experienced?

Have you been feeling now for some time there has got to be more to life than the life you are living right now?

Do you feel lost in the madness of the world and have this deep desire to step into something bigger but you don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling bogged down by cellular memories, past life experiences, trauma, even your DNA and much more?

What if you could change that right now?

What if you were released of all of the limits and restrictions and stepped into the limitless potential of your Galactic Soul Blueprint?

The one that is yours and yours alone that will give you a deeper connection and sense of freedom on who you are on a soul level instead of the conditioned one. 

You are in the right place.  Your soul has led you to this page

Hello, I am Sharon Brown, Spiritual Intuitive Galactic Master and I have been tasked to connect with soul’s like you so you can remember what is possible and your greatness.

I have been given this gift  by  connecting with my Galactic Guides and  bring in the light codes to activate your soul’s blueprint so you are released from conformity and can step into your true soul’s freedom and wisdom.

When you receive this activation you will be cleared from all that is holding you back on all levels, layers and dimensions.

You will be brought back into full alignment and then your Soul’s Blueprint is Activated. 

We are all here for a reason with something we are meant to share with the world. Unfortunately, many of us go through life without discovering our true purpose.  We may find ourselves in a home, job, or relationship that doesn’t fulfill us.  There is something missing but you just can’t put your finger on it.

Good News.

We all have an inner guide to help us.

What is involved?

You will send me your date of birth, so I will work out your soul colour blueprint. 

I am then given a unique code for you. 

I will send you the picture of the code and then we are ready to arrange a  1-2-1 Activation Session.

After this you will receive a ten minute activation recording, which you will listen to for 21 days after our session.

After the 21 days there is another integration session so you can embody this on a deeper level. 

Are you ready to free your Soul and allow yourself to live the life you have always want and dreamt about if so book your Activation session today

Normal Price €1500.00

Special Offer € 1111.00

Payment options Available

Galactic Soul Blueprint payment in full


Galactic Soul Blue print Monthly Payment

4 payments at €278.00 in a new tab)


Marica O’Regan

Since doing the galactic blueprint with Sharon my life has taken on a whole new trajectory. I have also found the power of my energy has increased. It feels I now have two turbo engines running. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to harness their souls galactic power to do it without delay. What I love about it too is even now that galactic blueprint is finished I still have the activation to go back to again and again. It’s like fuel for the soul. Thank you Sharon for this transformative experience. 💕🙏

Olwen Jennings

I love Sharon’s work and have worked with her quite a lot in the programmes she offers, so I had to try her latest offering “Galactic Soul Blueprint”. Sharon tunes into your Galactic Soul Blueprint and downloads a code for it as well as channelling light language which goes along side it. The reason for this is to align your soul with it’s galactic blueprint.

Once the code has been created and the light language has been recorded, Sharon explained that I needed to listen to this activation for 21 days. This was to clear any stagnant energies and then align my soul. During the 21 days, I definitely felt a shift in my soul and my energy generally. I felt lighter and as if I was coming home. I even connected with some galactic guides.

When the 21 day period was over,  I had a call with Sharon where she embodies the activation, using healing and light language so that I could be completely grounded and at one with the changes.

I noticed a difference in my own ability to channel and some of my outer world began to change for the better. When I ever feel a bit disconnected, I come back to the channeled activation to help me and each time, I go deeper. This is truly transformational as it clears any blocks and fears out of the way so that you and your soul can reclaim it’s galactic blueprint.

I highly recommend the process if you wish to reveal your true self.