Golden Web Of Abundance

I have been guided by the Spirit Animal the Spider to create the Golden Web of Abundance programme to help you clear your old money story and create your new money story.

Are you sick of always looking for the next penny?

Are you fed up saying “I can’t afford it?

I will have to wait for my next payday to get this” always waiting and never having enough for even the simplest things in life ?

In this programme over the next 7 days with the help of the Spider, we will be looking at how and what your money story is from your beliefs, conditioning, ancestral, past lives, blocks and much more.

Every day with the help of your spider we will be spinning a golden thread of abundance and on the last day we will cast your golden web of abundance and align you to your new money story.

You will be just like the spider in catching the fly, only you will be catching an abundance of money to your golden web.

So join me today and meet your own personal abundance spider and together we will create your golden web of abundance.

This programme will be run through its own private Facebook group and you will have life long access to the content of this programme.

Cost of this progamme is €97.00

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Lisa Pearson I would definitely recommend this program – I had so many synchronicities happen during it and some real financial shifts.
I think my favorite thing is that when you are really busy, but know how important it is to shift your energy to bring in abundance, it can feel really overwhelming. Whereas these videos were really easy to fit into my week. 
This program is both light hearted AND deeply powerful, I can see myself reusing it every time I’m looking to make more financial shifts or changes in my life 💖💖

Linda Lang Sharon Brown spins a web of magic, using powerful inner journeys, symbolism, intuitive guidance and connection to help us heal the past, and create a new story of abundance and limitless potential. This is the most fun way to do your inner work! Sharon is an absolute delight to work with, and the collaborative nature of the group energy only amplifies the healing and transformation. I will definitely continue to work with my Spider!

Much love and animal blessings

Sharon Brown xxx