Light Code Activation Workshop

Learn The language of your soul

Are you ready to connect to your soul language ?

Are you ready to listen to the seat of your soul, your heart ?

What is light Language/Codes?

Light Language/Codes is an umbrella term used to describe various languages of other dimensional Beings such as the Galactic Light Beings, as well as languages of forgotten civilizations that existed here on Earth such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Light Language can also designate the unique sound of your Soul. It is heart coherence.

Light Language/Codes comes in many different forms, some can write it, see it, speak it and draw codes, each form is as powerful as each other.

There is no direct word-for-word translation for Light Language/Codes.  It is a compilation of energy that is digested quantumly within. It is about how the transmission makes you feel – rather than how you “think” about the information or sound coming through

How to “learn” Light Language?

The bad news is that you cannot learn Light Language! But the good news is that you don’t have to. Light Language is an ability that already lies dormant within you.

Light Languages can come from two different sources: either from the memory of Languages you spoke in one of your past lifetimes (be it is here on Earth or elsewhere in the Galaxy) or straight from your soul.

The Benefit of leaning light codes

Expanding your heart

Releasing energetic Blockages

Increase your intuition

Inspires creativity

Repairs DNA

Accelerates  accession

How do you tell between Light Language and “gibberish”?

As someone who channels Light Language, receives multiple languages and codes daily, and has the ability to activate it in other people, I’ve never heard “gibberish”. It is also believing in yourself, stepping into your heart space, and allowing the codes to come through.

When I first began receiving it, I thought to myself “OMG this is madness” LOL! Once I fully embraced it, got out of my own way, and allowed the magic to unfold – here I am 3 years later activating it in others.

Are you ready to listen to your soul Language,

Join me for three live weekly Zoom sessions of 90 minutes, all sessions will be recorded.

We begin on Wednesday 11th January at 7.30 pm

Join the Light Language Facebook group where you can all support each other and ask me any questions.

Week 1 – Activation

Activation and Activating your light shield.  I will be giving you tips on how to trust yourself as your light codes come through.

Week 2 – Blocks

This session will be all about helping to remove any blocks.

Week 3 – Integration

This session will be an open mic to allow you to build your confidence in a safe space.

Price €247.00

The early bird price is €197 until the 23rd December 2022

Early Bird Price €197.00
3 Payments €66.00