1212 Portal Activation

I have been guided to share this with you, as the energy’s where off the wall, i have received so much feedback from this activation and how it has help to bring and keep you in alignment, what a magical experience it was.

In this 1212 portal activation of oneness, you will be full realignment to your true self, with light languageย ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ™โค

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Love and Blessing Sharon

The Stag: Spirit Animal Guide for the month of December.

I have come into remind you that this is the month of change. YES CHANGE. The energy is changing, it will continue to change over the month and bring in ease and grace.

You have come through a very harsh period in your life, this is all about to change and new beginnings are on the horizon. You must believe in your self and follow the guidance you are receiving and allow the changes to happen.

Yes all is changing, count all changes as a blessing no matter how big or small and be grateful for all you have in your life. The New Year brings ease and grace, so hold on, believe in you, take the necessary steps forward and count your blessing.

Much Love and blessing Sharon and Stag

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Guidance from Spirit Animal Guide For November The Elephant

Dear Child I am here to help you remove the obstacles that are in your life. You can Clear them from your life once and for all, if you put the energy that you are putting into them into loving yourself. You need to ask yourself “WHY” do i not love myself the way I love others?.

Only you can answer that question. Call on me, I will help you see this situation/ obstacle in a different way. When you take a step back and look at the problem in a different way the answer appears , as if by MAGIC. The answer is always there , it comes down to the way you view it.

You may need to walk away from a person, place or situation that is holding you in negative energy, THAT IS OK, you have the strength to do this and by doing this you are given your self the freedom to love yourself first.

When you put the time and energy into loving ourselves, the situation /obstacles will change and you will overcome this. Do my child call on me and we can do this together with the rest of your divine team, so you can live your life from a place of freedom and love.

love Nel The Elephant โค๐Ÿ˜โค

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Have a Magical Day

Love and Blessings Sharon and Nel xxxx

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Spirit Animal Guide for October The Phoenix

It is time my child to rise from the ashes, you have the power within you. The past few months have not been hard on you. We your guides have been showing you what needs to be released from your life, so you can bring in the new.

There are new doors opening up for you, over the next while, but it is up to you to walk through the open doors. there is always a choice and that choice is yours.

It is time for you to take your rightful place in this New Earth, you have been prepared for this for a long time now and you are ready. DON’T LET FEAR STOP YOU, you have the strength within you to choose what is right for you.


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Have A Magical Month ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‚

Love and Blessings Sharon

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September’s Spirit Animal Guide the Peacock

Channeled Message and Meditation

Wow what amazing month for you all. The energy has changed so much over the past few months; we are in the energy of reawakening your true magic. You have build your foundations, now is time to build upon them.

 I have come in to help your reawakening your true magical gifts , your intuition will be heightened at this time, your senses will be so alive, you will need to keep yourself grounded and out of your head, let your heart rule the way. As you reawaken you will see things very different and old Karmic patterns and habits will present them to you to release.

Try not over think what is going on as this is a time of great change for you, self doubt will creep in, thatโ€™s ok, ground and re-centre in to your heart. You are been lead by us your guides towards our true souls path, you need to trust that we are leading you in the right direction, as this way not be the direction you thought you were going in. The most important thing for you at this time is to have the belief and trust in you, as you are more powerful and magical then you think. Let the magic unfold.

Much Love Sassy the Peacockย  xxxx

link for meditation https://youtu.be/eLAHxKvx0L4

Spirit Animal Guide fro August The Lion

This animal for this month is the lion, as you are aware this is a huge month energy wise, we have the lions gate portal open, on the 8/8 the energy is very high as the portal goes direct to The plant Sirius and aligns with the pyramids in Egypt and releases light codes of ascension, mastery. The Lions Gateway energy isย all about fully awakening your Divine Light and embodying Divinity within a physical form.

Message from the Lion;

i am coming forward for yiu this month to givve you the courage and strenght to make the nessary strps forward. what worked for you yeastergay/last week will not work for you now, stop trying to make it fit. We are in a new age of living, thier are alot of change going on right now, mother eath is viberatieing on the energy of awakening, thi energy is affecting eveyone.

Those who are only awakening need the help of those who are awake, so you are been asked to step up on your journey, you cant stay on the same vibration, so it your time to move forward. Some of you may fell you are stuck, but you are not these are the old stories and conditioning that are holding you back.

its time to do the inner work, i am here to help you have the courage to look at the block. stories, Conditioning that you are allowing hold you back, Yes it time to step up or step out, give your self the permission to step forward and get of the hamster wheel and live the life of your dreams. Call on me for strength and courage

Love Albert {Lion}๐Ÿฆ