Portal Activation Group

How would you like to raise your vibration and elevate your life ?

Portal Activation Group

Are you feeling the intensity of the energies right now?

Do you feel you could do with a lift and some reassurance right now?

Do you feel a stir inside you to connect deeper with your soul’s power and essence?

Maybe you are feeling a little disconnected? 

What you are feeling is totally normal. We are seeing a new earth being created and I have been given the task to create monthly activations to uplift you, support you,  and elevate you. 

The Galactic Energy that is channelled through these portals will help you  release any of those low energetic feelings that are keeping you stuck.

This will help you raise your vibration and elevate your life?

This will have you feeling more connected with yourself, and your soul’s power.  This will open opportunities for you. 

You will feel more grounded and connected to a higher power.

​You will have a greater sense of self and have a sense of empowerment from the inside out.

We are in a pivotal time right now.

Join The Portal Activation Membership where you can safely land into a safe sacred place with like minded women and men who are looking to stayed aligned with their higher selves.

What is The Portal Activation

💫 A place where you will be able to fully connect with all the High Vibrational energy available to you.

 ✨ Monthly Activations: Each month you will receive live high vibrational portal activations that are transmitted through me Sharon Brown each month to align you to the ascension energy at this time.  This will blow your mind.

💫 Clearings and Alignment: Clear what is holding you back and align you to the frequency of that month that will support you and lift you to higher levels of consciousness. 

Each month the portal brings in very different frequencies and a different theme aligned with the energy of the month and the planets.

✨ On the day of the portal the activation will be held at the peak of the portal energy enhancing the results, the energy will be brought through me, Sharon Brown with my galactic guides through light codes and frequencies. 

💫 There will also be a code for each month that will also enhance the energy, which you can use through the month.  Looking at this code will shift your energy to higher planes.

🌟Each individual will receive what they need through the codes and frequency as it a very personal experience. This high vibrational energy allows your soul to be free and move forward with ease into your soul’s path.

💫This group will help you stay in your oneness and allow the magic to unfold within you.

🌟It is so easy for us to get knocked out of alignment with everyday life, sometimes we don’t even realize how unbalanced and out of alignment we are.

What other participants are saying about the Portal

Olwen Jennings

Sharon’s work is incredible. I have worked with her a lot on a 1-2-1 level. So when she put together this portal activation group, I knew I had to be in it. The activations each month are powerful and speak to my soul on a very deep level. They awaken dormant energy and wisdom and enable me to hold more light so that I can do my own spiritual work. It’s like getting a “tune up” once a month. I would highly recommend this group and Sharon to help you on your ascension journey and to receive healing of the highest quality 

Yvonne Bates

Since starting the Portals, I has helped clear cleanse and balance my chakras. I have learned so much from Sharon’s portal activations it’s opened chakras I never new I had. More grounded and lot more clarity about my souls journey and healing. I would highly recommend the Portal Activation group a wonderful group to be part of a real community for like-minded people. Thank you Sharon 

Marcia ORegan

These monthly portal activations are good for my soul. They have helped me embody a higher frequency of light. They feed my soul so I can serve on a higher level. I would highly recommend this portal to anyone who wants to embrace the potential of this new Aquarian energy. Sharon also has a grounding presence so I feel this helps embody the light codes that come through. I would HIGHLY Recommend anyone doing energy work to be part of this portal activation. 

Karen Marshall

I can’t recommend Sharon’s portal activations highly enough. They are very powerful and transformational. I started with the most powerful portal activation, The Lion’s Gate and I haven’t looked back. I had done an abundance course with Sharon previously, in a lovely group and knew that it would be good. I usually join in with Lion’s Gate meditations and activations, but this one was on another level. It opened me up to seeing ascended masters and guides. I have then gone on to do deeper work with Sharon and have opened up even

 💫Are you ready to avail of the high vibrational energy and allow your true soul’s light to shine and shine bright.

I am offering this to you at the price  €22.22 monthly.  ( You can cancel any time)

Annual membership €244 ( 1 month free)

💫 To sign up link below👇 and give yourself this monthly gift.

“Believe in yourself and therefore anything is possible”