Portal Activation Group

I have been guided to set up a Portal activation group, it is to help you harness the vibration of the portals for the coming year. The portals for 2020 are very powerful and they are to help you stay in alignment of oneness.

✨ Each month on the portal day, I will bring through the vibration, I will have a light code for each portal and a message to help you bring through what is need for you stay in full alignment and oneness.

It is so easy for us to get knocked out alignment with everyday life, sometimes we don’t even realize how unbalanced and out of alignment we are, this group will hep you stay in your oneness and allow the magic unfold within you.

✨ Each month there will be a live on the day and time of the portal,we will be also setting our intention through out the month, are you ready to live a life of oneness is so join me in this Portal activation group.

I am offering this to you at the price €22.22 per month ( no minimum commitment for anyone).

To sign up, link below👇💖

Love and Blessing Sharon x