Self Embodiment

Fully Aligned to your soul purpose and still feeling not quite there yet?

Are you feeling a bit fragmented ?

Do you know there are blocks stopping you from moving forward but cant seem to shift them?

Allowing fears get in your way?

Stuck in the same patterns and repeating them over and over?

Feel there is more but can’t seem to let go of the old stories and the old way of living?

You are not alone, I can help you. I have come up with this self embodiment programme for souls like you, who are feeling stuck and unsettled as to what is going on with you. What is going on is that your soul and body have not come together as one due to the following.

For many years we have been conditioned to Society, Religion, Governments and Social Media to think and act in a way that they said was……… now in this new age we are taking off the chains of conditioning and are finding it hard to let our uniqueness shine.

The reason we are finding this so hard is, we have gone through many past lives of conditioning and vows, also the vibration on conforming is in our lineage and passed down from generation to generation, we carry that vibration in our psyche and cellular memory and this can affect all areas of your life.

What I do is look at the energies that are holding you back and see what story they are telling you, whether it is from you, a negative comment spoken to you or a conditioned negative energy, I can then remove these energies so you can move forward in you life.

Over a period of 9 weeks you will work with me on a 1-2-1 basis each week

Week one I will bring all aspects of your energy back, fully anchor your oneness of the soul and the body.

Week two to five I will look at the negative energies holding you back this will be done on a very deep level.

Week six to nine I will anchor positive energy in and remove the old stories.

So are you ready to join me on this magical journey and start living a life full of abundance of love, joy, happiness, health and wealth? Go on YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Book a self empowerment call today with me and let YOUR uniqueness shine.