Spirit Animal Guides

Over the past couple of years I have built up a connection with Spirit Animal Guides.  For anyone who is unaware of what a Spirit Animal Guide is, it is a guide in the form of an animal who can help you in any aspect of your life.  Spirit Animals can be used on a daily basis the same way as you use your angels and archangels. The way to connect firstly with your Spirit Animal would be to prepare yourself the same way you would if you were connecting with your angels, archangels or guardian angels.

Close your eyes and whatever animal presents itself to you is your Spirit Animal Guide. Then you can ask them their name, the same way as you would with the angelic realm.  You will then receive the guidance that you need.  The only thing that you need to do at this time is to trust and write down the information that you receive for future reference. Don’t lose heart if you don’t get a name for your Spirit Animal on your first attempt. You may not be ready to receive the information and you just have to build up trust between you and your animal guide. You can use your animal guides in every basis of your life, the same as with the angelic realms.  For example, you can call in the Wolf for protection the same way you would call in Archangel Michael for protection.

You could call in the Dolphin for happiness and fun and the childlike wonder into your life. Or call in the Bear for strength and courage or the Owl for wisdom.  Spirit Animals have huge messages and guidance for people and they need the world to be aware of their existence and power as they have huge insight and guidance to give.

There is a Spirit Animal there to help everyone. You just need to call them in and use their energy to help you no matter what is going on in your life. They are only too willing to help but they cannot help unless you ask. Your Spirit Animal Guide can change to adapt to suit the situation that you are in but you will more than likely always have your main Spirit Guide around you anyway.

I have always had a pure love for animals.  Personally I have 2 wolf animal guides. Their names are Rodger and Dodger. One is for protection and the other is for spiritual knowledge. I use their assistance in every aspect of my life but I also have many other animal guides to assist me on a daily basis.

My role as given to me by the Spirit Animal realm is to be their voice for the world to hear. Their mission for 2019 is for the world to hear the voice of the Spirit Animal Kingdom as they have guidance for each and every one of us. Their theme for 2019 is to DREAM BIG.  Bring the love, the joy, the fun and the laughter back into people’s lives as this will bring them back to their soul life purpose and to realign them to their biggest dreams through fun, joy and laughter.

Click on the link below for a mediation to meet your Spirit Animal Guide


Lots of love and animal blessings.

Sharon Brown